Congratulations Toby Thomas-Rose

Congratulations to Toby Thomas-Rose

May 2017 – $1000 “Music Matters” Grant recipient

Toby Thomas-Rose is a Nevada County native. His father, Stan Thomas-Rose, was ICS’ first scholarship recipient in 1977 – he is a local educator and has quite a voice! In 2014, we awarded our Spring Teen Scholarship Award to Toby. Since then, Toby has followed his dream to become a professional pianist and currently attends California State University at Northridge studying with Dmitry Rachmanov (a former American Pianist Association Fellow).

Toby wrote in his recent application for an ICS Music Matters Grant that  “any position that would allow me to perform, teach, and write music on a regular basis would make me happy! But for now I am simply taking in as much as I possibly can to project my career as far forward as possible.”  He added that he “would like this grant because I have been accepted to several music festivals across Europe and the U.S. and need money to cover the tuition and travel expenses to perform for some of the finest teachers in some of the most prestigious institutions today.”  It is easy to understand the hardship of coming up with the necessary money for all of the traveling, tuition (for school and festivals), application and competition fees, lessons, and sheet music.

Toby’s teacher, Dmitry Rachmanov, wrote a glowing recommendation noting: “Toby is a gifted and a highly motivated young man who has the right discipline and perseverance to pursue the difficult career in music. He is a full time student…for him the sky is the limit, all he needs is as much support as he can get.”

Mr. Rachmanov also wrote: “Toby is naturally musical, and he is also analytical in creating his own interpretations of the works he performs. He has superior intellectual abilities, he is very articulate in what he does and that translates in the clarity with which he approaches the music he studies and performs.”

Artistic Director Ken Hardin and our Forum Hostess/Board Member Aileen James are very familiar with both Toby Thomas-Rose and his college professor, Dmitry Rachmanov. With the exceptional request, recommendation, and first-hand knowledge of Toby’s quest for excellence, InConcert Sierra’s educational committee and board of directors and staff are honored to present him with a $1000 Music Matters Grant. We hope to hear more about his progress next fall!

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