Congratulations Talen Andersen

Congratulations to Talen Andersen

InConcert Sierra is proud to award a $750 Music Matters Grant to Talen Andersen.

Talen Andersen is a vocalist who won the 2014 Sierra Master Chorale Youth Vocal Competition. He was involved in Bear River High School’s ​“Jazz Unlimited​“​ vocal group and coached with InConcert Sierra Artistic Director Ken Hardin for his BRHS Senior Project. For his project, Talen composed and arranged pieces that were performed by the BRHS ​“J​azz ​Unlimited.​“​​ ​“He’s a fine young musician whose dedication and perseverance is inspiring,” notes Hardin. I was always delighted that he would show up having completed the tasks I’d given him and readied himself for the next session. I’ve always believed this is a kid who has the potential to reach for the stars and hold onto them,”​ ​Hardin adds.

Talen is currently attending Sierra College and applying to universities. When asked what his musical goals are, he said, “My goal is to teach music at the high school level​l​and inspire students the same way I was inspired. If the opportunity presents itself, I would also like to try my hand at the music industry.” Talen said, “I need​ ​the grant to acquire a new vocal microphone and proper sound equipment for practice and performance. In addition, I am in the process of preparing to transfer to a university, so everything helps.”

He also said, “I would like this grant because I want to be able to acquire the tools and skills necessary to move people through music. Leopold Stokowski once said, ‘A painter paints his pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.’ One can be most moved by the pieces with the most color, depth, and artistry. I want to make people feel something. Anything, really. There is nothing healthier than emotional expression, and I want to help people feel.” Isn’t that what music is all about?

Our very best to Talen and our many thanks to our Music Matters anonymous donor, educational program contributors and intermission treat donors. As Talen so wisely notes, “everything helps!”

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