Note to our ICS community

To our ICS community,

As an important member of our InConcert Sierra “family,” I am writing to let you know what the board and staff have been doing during the “Pandemic pause.”

As soon as the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was announced by the Federal Government, Executive Director Julie Hardin applied for a loan with help from our friends at River Valley Community Bank. Melissa Collins, the branch manager, was especially helpful in facilitating the loan application. We are delighted to report that we were successful in securing a forgivable loan that allows us to pay our employees through the end of June.

The loan also allows us to pay a one-time contribution to the orchestral musicians we had lined up for our cancelled May concerts. We believe it is in keeping with InConcert Sierra’s values to encourage our local musicians, many of whom depend on ICS for part of their income, and who will be an important part of our future success.

Because of Ken Hardin’s great rapport with concert artists and their managers, we incurred no expenses from cancelling all concerts to date, while maintaining excellent relations. We anticipate hosting these amazing artists when it is feasible to start up again.

Out of respect for our community’s safety net organizations and local businesses who desperately need help right now, our board has decided not to ask for donations at this uncertain and stressful time. We appreciate your ongoing support, but feel that we need to be sure our community is taken care of first. Rest assured, InConcert Sierra is alive and well due to our fiscally conservative policies. We will be ready to continue when it’s safe to do so.

We are busy planning for the day when we can open our doors to another wonderful classical music experience. We look forward to greeting you in person at a future concert; hopefully, some time next season.


Warmest Regards,

From the board and staff of InConcert

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