Advisory Council

Advisory Council 2016-17 season

Our advisory council membership is chosen by the board of directors.  Advisory members are community members whose expertise and guidance are sought in various aspects of InConcert Sierra.  Each advisor serves a two-year term. (* new as of 2016-17 season)

Janis Berger*

Robert Berman

Beth Biagini

Kathy Hillis*

Janet Lamb

Dr. Bruce Lattyak (SMC member)

Llubica Petrasic, DDS* (SMC member)

Keith Porter* (SMC member, SMC founding committee member, and former board president)

Joanna Robinson

Deedee Ruxton

Vida Santos*

Werner Schraven

Ron Spiller*



Former Advisory Members:

Richard Altenbach (concertmaster)

Charles Atthill (former SMC member)

Julia Amaral

Irv Baran, MD

Bert Barker

Valarie Bush (SMC member)

Marion Culhane

Mary Anne Davis (SMC member and SMC founding committee member)

Janaia Donaldson (creator of our piano logo)

Roberta Frank (former -and beloved – SMC member)

Ken Getz (SMC member and SMC coordinating committee member)

Allan Haley (former board president)

Barbara Hall (former board member and SMC founding committee member)

Morgan Halperin

Reed Hamilton (SMC member and former SMC coordinating committee member)

Bill Neff

Jeff Leiter

Dr. Christine Newsom (SMC member)

Steve Nicholson (SMC member and former board member/treasurer)

Timothy Orr

Corrine Pryor

Gary Quehl (donated services for MIM/InConcert committee 2015 survey)

Harlow Rothert (InConcert fund development committee member)

Kirsti Powell (principal flute in InConcert Orchestra)

Jeanne Scarmon

James Stradinger

Ed Thomas

Dr. Barry Turner (SMC member and SMC coordinating committee member)

Patricia Vixie

Jackie Wilson

Judy Wood

Carole Yettick

John Zwerver (former fund dev. committee member)


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