Don Scoble, vice president

Music can change the world because it changes people

is one of Don Scoble’s favorite quotes and is one he can attest to from experience.

Although Don was born in San Francisco, he spent four formative years at a boarding school in Los Gatos when it was a sleepy, rural community. Living in the country left its imprint on him and that is where he is happiest. His school experiences also left their mark on his life, with an emphasis on art, theatre and music. Students were taken to concerts and performances; only eight or nine at the time, he has vivid memories of seeing “Swan Lake” and Copland’s “Rodeo,” as well as a concert by pianist Arthur Rubinstein. Chamber music was also brought to the school. Those experiences have stayed with him decades later and were truly life-changing.

Don has degrees in Communications and Economics and spent nearly fifty years as an officer of San Francisco State University, culminating his career as Vice President. In addition to his university career, he consulted for several NASA funded public education projects, managed a professional development program at UC Santa Barbara and held regional and national positions in his professional associations.

He and his wife Barbara have been married for fifty years and raised two daughters along the way. They bought a home in Nevada City nearly twenty years ago. He cites his great- grandfather, who came from Cornwall to the Gold Country in the late 19th century, as one of the reasons he was attracted to the area.

Through all his life’s journey, music has been his sanctuary and where he goes to “wash away the dust of everyday life.” He is excited to be a part of In Concert Sierra because “it is one of the jewels of Nevada County.”