Lance Goddard, immediate past president

A lifelong love affair with music

Lance Goddard

Lance Goddard grew up in a family where classical music was an almost constant companion. His siblings took piano lessons or sang in a choir, and even his father was known to sing while his eldest sister played the piano. Lance’s house was filled with the voices of many great singers and composers emanating from the 78 rpm recordings. The voices of Caruso, Chaliapin, Gigli and Paul Robeson were part of his musical exposure. He was constantly surrounded by classical piano and recorded orchestral music. Lance is deeply moved by the beauty of music, and is in awe of the expressive talents of great musicians and other artists.

After working for NASA and then being drafted into the Army, Lance went to work at Stanford University. He served there for 25 years, working directly with applied physics PhD students on their dissertation projects. During that facet of his life, he met and married Joan and adopted her two children. After taking early retirement from Stanford, Lance set up his own business providing scientific coatings, primarily to Silicon Valley companies. After 14 years, he retired and discovered that there is less free time than he expected but, at the same time, more meaning in life. He continues to refine his home-built airplane project when not performing duties for InConcert or serving as a non-paid property manager for the house and grounds where he and Joan reside.

Lance loves the beauty of nature in all its forms, as viewed from his house, on foot or from the sky in a small airplane. He is passionate about the natural physical world in all its complexity, the beauty of the seasons and the countless opportunities for growth and learning that life presents.