Susan Duey, board member

“ There are all sorts of ways to find out about life, and I think music is one of the finest.”  ~ Julian White

SusanDueyMany years ago, Susan Duey’s piano teacher said this to her during a lesson. She realized that not only was there truth in the statement, but that her life was a living testament to its validity. She has always been profoundly grateful to be born into a family that had music at its center. Her father sang, played the guitar and wrote songs, and her mother was a fine pianist. Her grandmothers were both pianists, one of them playing piano for silent movies (!), and a grandfather came from a family of violin-makers in Norway. Piano lessons and singing in choirs were an integral part of her life growing up.

Susan was born in Pasadena and grew up in Huntington Park, a suburb of Los Angeles. She enjoyed the usual childhood activities of piano lessons, scouts, sports and active church life in the Methodist church, where she sang in the choir. University days took her to Berkeley, and she left her Southern California days behind for good.

Susan spent the major part of her adult life in the Bay Area. She received Bachelor and Master degrees in English and taught English in a public high school in Livermore, where she raised her daughter and two sons. The family enjoyed backpacking in the Sierra and lots of travels together. She now shares these activities with her many grandchildren as well. Upon retirement twenty-five years ago, she and her husband, Art, moved to Nevada City. They enjoy kayaking, camping, reading, working in their forest and traveling. And Susan especially enjoys singing in the Sierra Master Chorale and her piano studies.

Coming back to music in later years, especially through InConcert Sierra, has been rewarding and life-giving joy for Susan. She feels honored and privileged to be a part of an organization that brings the very finest musical experiences to this community – contributions that provide warm and wonderful shared experiences through the power and beauty of music.