Concert Policies and Guidelines

Concert Policies and Guidelines:     

Reserved seating is limited to donors at a certain level, concert sponsors, press, or special circumstances as defined by the InConcert board of directors and the Executive and/or Artistic Director.  We apologize for any inconvenience as our concerts are general seating unless otherwise specified.

Seats for reserved seating and/or reserved parking patrons are only held IF a ticket has been purchased.  If you do not have a ticket, we do not hold your parking spot or seat.  All seats must be paid for in advance to be reserved (for patrons of $2500+ annually.)

Latecomers are asked to wait to come into the hall until the ushers allow them access.  At that time, we ask latecomers to sit in the back or off to the sides of the concert site until intermission.

All venues are non-smoking.

No photography of any kind is permitted unless pre-authorized.

Audio/Video Cameras, videotaping or live audio recordings are not permitted – unless pre-authorized.

We do not allow solicitations of any kind at our performances unless pre-authorized by the InConcert Sierra office.  Any flyers left without authorization will be removed.

We do not allow audience members backstage unless authorized by the performer.

Shoes and appropriate attire must be worn at all performances.

Program Changes: Repertoire or artists are subject to change with minimum notice. Changes will be posted immediately once confirmed.

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