Facts about InConcert

We proudly award scholarships and grants annually

  • Music Matters Grant program – up to $4000 awarded annually
  • Nevada Union  Joint High School District Scholarship program – up to $2000 annually
  • Instrument program – we receive instruments in good shape from contributors and pass them on to young aspiring musicians in need

We provide outreach to encourage future audiences

  • Free youth tickets to most chamber concerts for ages 5-17; discount tickets to Sierra Master Chorale concerts – and some special performances.
  • Annual concerts for elementary school children, county-wide
  • Pre-concert forums give everyone the chance to learn about the artist and the music being performed
  • Post-concert “meet and greet” allows everyone the opportunity to meet the artist
  • Master classes when available for aspiring musicians to learn from world-class artists

We listen and respond to audience requests!

Due to so many requests to sit on the keyboard side of the aisles,  InConcert Sierra responded by projecting the pianist’s hands on a large screen above the stage. The response is still overwhelmingly positive for our solo piano performances—and it helps to keep the kids interested also!

In the past I’ve enjoyed close-up views of the hands of pianists, often in awe at the speed and power of their fingers.  But this time I was mesmerized by the movement of Spencer’s long, tapered fingers as he caressed the keys as though truly dancing on the keys.  Choreography was entwined with the elegant sounds he was creating for our enjoyment, and that would have been lost without the projection.  It was a delightful concert, one of the best ever!  ~ A. Ruth (10/11)

“…The big screen provided a second dimension that increased our enjoyment and we would like to see that repeated whenever you have a pianist featured.”
~Len Lewis

Please note – the screen is only used by artist permission.

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Creating community through great music

Artistic Director Ken Hardin, Executive Director Julie Hardin, and the Board of Directors are dedicated to the mission of InConcert Sierra.  We value and greatly appreciate your input and support.

Would you like more information on ways that you can support InConcert Sierra? Please see our online donations page to learn how you can help keep the music playing in our community.