Grass Valley-Nevada City Cultural District

In 2017, our hometown of Grass Valley – Nevada City was chosen as one of the fourteen districts to receive the state’s California Cultural District Designation. The program was developed to celebrate the diversity of our state, while unifying under an umbrella of shared values – helping to grow and sustain authentic grassroots arts and cultural opportunities, increasing the visibility of local artists and community participation in local arts and culture, and promoting socioeconomic and ethnic diversity. We’re excited to share our district’s culture and creativity, and proud to be part of California’s cultural synergy!

Check out the Grass Valley-Nevada City Cultural District page on the Nevada County Arts Council website at for more information. We want to see and read about all that is going on in the Grass Valley-Nevada City Cultural District and make it easier for people to discover new music, food, trails, local history and more. Share, like and comment on our posts on social media or share your own photos and stories with the hashtag #CultureCA  #NevadaCountyArts #GVNCCulturalDistrict

InConcert Sierra is a proud member of the Nevada County Arts Council.