Musician Testimonials

You already know how much you enjoy InConcert Sierra’s performances. Wait until you read how much the musicians enjoy YOU, the audience!

Music gives enjoyment to the performer as well as the listener.

“I want to say that we enjoyed our time in Grass Valley tremendously! Not only was the public enthusiastic and responsive, but we really felt welcome by the community and our hosts. It is not always the case…, and InConcert Sierra will always be marked in our memories as a truly wonderful and exceptional experience.

Once again, thank you for this opportunity!”
~ Kilment Krylovskiy, Zodiac Trio

“Just a note to say thanks so much for hosting us at InConcert Sierra. We had such a nice time, truly enjoyed the venue, the marvelous piano, and meeting your enthusiastic audience!  Thanks for giving us such a great introduction to Nevada City.”
~ Susan Uchimura

“Thanks again for everything; InConcert is an uncommon and awesome organization.”
~ Richard Altenbach

“A huge thank you for having me in Twin Cities! I cannot imagine a more wonderful crowd to be with –I had a wonderful time and such a comfortable experience and was so happy to meet such a great bunch of people. I also can’t believe that I will be bragging about the beautiful Grotrian that I performed on. In any case, thank you again and please do be in touch!”
~Grace Fong

“Thank you again for your warm hospitality, and for making yesterday so comfortable. I enjoyed myself very much, and I was so very happy to see such an enthusiastic audience.  Thank you for inviting me again to play. It’s always a joy.”
~Robert Edward Thies, Pianist (2/10)

“I am a New York-based pianist who performed recently on the Twin Cities Concert Association series.  Many of my performances are in small communities like the Twin Cities, but I rarely encounter the professionalism, consideration, and enthusiasm demonstrated by TCCA.”
~Adam Kent, New York, NY

“Thank you and the TCCA for having us perform for your wonderful series this year (Dec 09). We loved playing for your audience and were overwhelmed by the warmth and friendliness of everyone we met. We enjoyed having a chance to interact with the audience before and after the concert as it made the experience much more personal…We hope to come back again soon.”
~The Ensō Quartet (Maureen, John, Melissa, Richard)

P.S. The Ensō Quartet will be back for a house concert and outreach program in April, 2011.

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