Free Concert for Elementary Students

InConcert is dedicated to encouraging the imagination of young minds through music.

Each springtime, InConcert presents a complimentary concert for third-grade students county-wide!  The 2017-18 season concerts were April 16, 2018, at 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.  The concerts are 45-minutes in length and full of fun information and great music.  Our docents meet with classrooms prior to the concerts to discuss the music they will hear and prepare them for the experience.

 If you are a Nevada County teacher or parent and wish to have your student/s participate for 2018-19, please contact us!

On Monday, April 16, InConcert will bring 448 third grade students and 61 chaperones to experience the music of WindSync. Every school is invited to attend and bussing is provided, if requested.

The schools attending this season are: Bell Hill Academy, Clear Creek, Chicago Park, Cottage Hill, Deer Creek, Echo Ridge, Forest Charter, Mt. Saint Mary’s, Scotten, and Union Hill Elementary Schools.

From last season’s educational performance:

I thought “tenThing” was an excellent concert for 3rd-graders. My students especially enjoyed the performers walking around and seeing the instruments up close. They also liked the brief demos by each instrument. You have designed this concert for the attention of 8-9 year olds. The kids were done being good listeners about the time the concert finished. But, for me, another two hours would’ve been perfect!! The pre-visit from the docent is very helpful, as is the CD. – Melissa Fowlkes, Scotten

Thank you for all you have done in providing a wonderful experience for our third graders. Each year we say “That was the best!” and each year the concerts just get better! We are truly appreciative of the effort of InConcert Sierra and their goals. – Shelly Anderson, Union Hill

During our 2016-17 season, we presented tenThing

InConcert Sierra presented two educational concerts free of charge for more than 450 local third-grade students March 20 by Norwegian brass ensemble tenThing. The all female ensemble, led by world-class trumpet sensation Tine Thing Helseth, introduced classical music to the 8- and 9-year-olds in a fun and creative way.

As Helseth and nine other musicians wove their way around the scores of third-grade students during the Mozart piece, the children got a unique opportunity to hear the distinct sound each brass instrument contributed to the classic movement in a live concert setting.

On stage, the ensemble demonstrated the wide range of brass instruments pitch and timbre through works such as Grieg’s “March of the Trolls” and Copland’s “Hoe-down” from Rodeo. They even solicited a boisterous response after their rendition of the French nursery song Frère Jacques on just the mouthpieces of their instruments.

Each spring, InConcert books an ensemble or group to perform at its Third Grade Education Concerts following their Third Sunday Series concert with the arts organization.

“InConcert is dedicated to encouraging the imagination of young minds through music,” said Artistic Director Ken Hardin. “To that end, we provide bussing and access to this youth concert at no charge to all interested third-grade classrooms in our community. It’s important to us for them experience live music in a concert venue, especially one with great acoustic value.”

The week before the concert, volunteer docents went in to meet with students in their classes, discuss the music they were going to hear and prepare the kids for the experience, including hearing a selection of songs recorded by tenThing. Classes from Bell Hill Academy, Clear Creek, Cottage Hill, Forest Charter, Margaret Scotten and Union Hill schools participated.

For our 2017-18 season, our Third Grade Education Concerts will feature WindSync, woodwind ensemble. For more information about this or other educational programs, please email Associate Director Brett Bentley at or call 530-273-3990.

The concerts were sponsored by Charles Lindquist and Sheila Baker.  Bussing is sponsored by Deedee Ruxton.