Educational Concert Review 2

Third grade students in Nevada County were introduced to classical
music in an exciting and creative way.  InConcert Sierra engaged the
inspiring Grammy Award nominated Enso String Quartet to present two
educational concerts for third-grade students countywide on Friday,
April 8. The young and vivacious string ensemble captured the
imaginations of the children through an easy-to-follow and fun session
called “Classical Soup,” designed to introduce the basic ingredients
of music to the young listeners.

The quartet used the theme music for popular TV show “The Simpsons” to
open the morning event, and immediately grabbed the attention of the
students with something familiar.  This introduced them to The Simsons
composer Danny Elfman, which then led to other familiar works by
composers “Papa Haydn,” Mozart, Bartók, and Beethoven.  The students
learned both the definition of and how to recognize the basics of
music: rhythm, melody, harmony, syncopation, and motive.

Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Holly Hermansen attended and
said, “The Enso Quartet’s performance for Nevada County 3rd graders
was fun, informative and interactive. The students had the opportunity
to listen to incredible music from the string quartet and learn about
classical music.  The members of the quartet were great with the kids,
clearly skilled musicians and performers”

Third-grade teacher Nan Jacobson said, “The students were totally
enamored by the performers and their interest was held by the snippets
of music intertwined with their involvement through questioning and
participating with the quartet. The teaching of melody and harmony,
with the students’ physical response, was very effective. I think all
of us were pleasantly surprised and impressed by the whole

One student noted “I liked the music the best. I learned about
syncopation. That’s the beat between the beats. It sounds like n N n N
n N,”  Another named Kyle said, “I liked all of the music. I
especially liked hearing the Simpsons song, but my favorite was the
sweet Beethoven.”  Says Aileen James, pianist and musicologist for
InConcert Sierra, “I’ve seen a lot of people work with kids, this was
the best.  Just fabulous.”

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