(Virtual) Spring Student Showcases

Virtual Student Recitals for ages 6-18

21 students of all ages and learning levels performed from their homes with emcee Mark Vance broadcasting live in studio.

InConcert Sierra’s recitals program has given students an opportunity to perform for a live audience and develop performance skills – creating well-rounded musicians.  Due to the current pandemic, our April recital was canceled requiring our educational programs to look at alternative ways to continue the progress of music education. We must remain flexible and open to new opportunities in this uncertain time.

This virtual platform gives the student the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments while providing new technological learning opportunities.  

Scroll down for program listing for Friday and Sunday shows 




Recital 1 on Friday, May 29 at 7pm:


Athena, age 14, violin

“Gavotte en rondeau from Partita 3 in E major for Solo violin” by J.S. Bach

Teacher: Nancy Hill


Francis, age 16, piano

“Sonata Op. 79 Alla Tedesca” by Beethoven

Teacher: Julia Takeoka


Eva, age 16, trumpet

“Aria by George Golterman”

Teacher: Glenn Smith


Elsa, age 7, piano

“Oh, Purple Sage” by Dennis Alexander and Amy Greer,

Teacher: Jean Poff


Nell, age 13, violin

“Bourrée” by J.S. Bach

Teacher: Zoe Schlussel


Kate, age 11, cello

“The Swan” by Camille Saint-Saens

Teacher: Jia-mo Chen


Nikita, age 15, piano

“Rondo Capriccioso Op.14 in E major” by Mendelssohn

Teacher: Lynn Schugren


Kanon, age 12, cello — accompanied by sister Tyla, piano

“Hunter’s Chorus” by C.M. von Weber and

“Chorus from Judas Maccabbeus” by Handel

Teacher: Alexandra Roedder


Ben, age 9, piano

“Song of the Toad” by Donald Waxman

Teacher: Lynn Schugren


Pia, age 8, cello

“Spinning Wheel” by Stephen De’ak

Teacher: Alexandra Roedder


Kate, age 16, French horn

“Concerto No. 1, Mvmt. II” by R. Strauss

Teacher: David Hoover


Recital 2 on Sunday, May 31 at 4pm


Baraka, age 13, piano

“Etudes 1 in f minor and 3 in Ab major” by F. Chopin

Teacher: Lynn Schugren


Candace, age 8, cello

“Bourrées 1 and 2” by J.S. Bach

Teacher: Alexandra Roedder


Arianna, age 9, piano,

“Flight of the Broomsticks” by Martha Sherrill Kelsey

Teacher: Andrea Fox


Nicholas, age 10, violin

“Andantino” by S. Suzuki,

Teacher: Zoe Schlussel


Ana, age 9, cello

“Allegro from Perpetual Motion” by S. Suzuki

Teacher: Alexandra Roedder


Sara, age 8 and Amanda, age 10, piano duet

“Ode to Joy by Beethoven”

Teacher: Jean Poff


Zoe, age 12, violin

“Michael’s Mazurka” by Michael Ferrie

Teacher: Zoe Schlussel


Malachi, age 15, piano

“Sonatina Op. 13 No. 1 Allegro assai e lusingando” by D. Kabalevsky

Teacher: Julia Takeoka


Noah, age 7, cello

“Prelude from Suite for cello in G major” by J.S Bach

Teacher: Jia-mo Chen


Leander, age 9, piano

“Minuet in G major & G minor” from Bach’s Family Notebook by Christian Petzold,

Teacher: Floyd Perrythistle


Maura, age 18, cello

“Prelude and Sarabande from Cello Suite no. 3” by J.S. Bach

Teacher: Jia-mo    Chen





Many thank to Dick Mentzer, ICS education committee member, for all his work in making this a reality!