Virtual Student Recital Open for Applications


Create your own recital video to be presented to our online audience!

For music students through grade 12

InConcert Sierra’s recitals program has given students an opportunity to perform for a live audience and develop performance skills.  Due to the current pandemic, our live recital program has been postponed.  In May, we had our first virtual recital program and it was well-received!

Each YouTube showcase will include up to six young music students.  All levels are encouraged to participate.

This virtual platform gives the student the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments while providing new technological learning opportunities.   See example belowL


Applications need to be submitted through the student’s teacher or parent.




Application fee is $10 per student. ONE application per student please.

First Round Deadline: Sunday, May 16, 2021

The first virtual showcase recital will be scheduled for Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 2pm.

Dependent on the number of applications received, we will schedule additional virtual recitals as necessary.

After you submit your form with payment, you will receive an email with the technical guidance on how to record your video, also noted below.

Students and/or their parents will capture the student’s performance at home on phones or tablets.  The videos will be uploaded to a special YouTube or Vimeo account to be provided.

Our technical wizard Dick Mentzer will collate and compile the performance clips in the format of our live  recital performances.  The final version will be streamed on the InConcert Sierra website and/or Facebook site.

Video recording

· shoot video using video camera, phone or tablet
· set up camera or phone on tripod (or clamp to something stable) for horizontal picture.
· position performer with light on face and instrument against an unlighted and uncluttered background
· place camera close to performer for the best sound
· frame the the performer to fill the picture (full body shot)
· record the video and review for quality of performance, picture and sound (shoot until you have best performance)
· upload best performance video file to YouTube or Vimeo
· send the URL address (YouTube or Vimeo link) where video is located to Mark

Program Elements

· first name & age (not last name)
· how long as music student
· name of teacher
· piece to be performed
Post performance:
· reason for picking piece
· how you prepared for this performance
· musical ambition/goals
· thanking teacher and supporters and ICS
· how do you feel about performing over the Internet,
· who do you think might be watching
Look into the camera and speak up.  Don’t be concerned about dead space or mistakes as video will be edited
For more information – please contact Education Director Mark Vance at:
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