InConcert Sierra Orchestra – Sept. 17

Sunday, September 17, 2017 • 2 pm

Ken Hardin, conductor

Greatest Hits Vol. 5

Conductor Ken Hardin has a wonderful program of orchestral favorites – music you know and love! This marks the fifth season of showcasing the ICS Orchestra in its annual concert of audience-selected favorites (and a chance to sponsor musician chairs as our annual fundraiser – see below!)















$35 general (website purchase includes $4 online fee)
Youth 5-17 free with adult (call 530-273-3990 to reserve your ticket.  )




Venue – Seventh-day Adventist Church, Grass Valley (click here for directions)

Book a room at our Official Hospitality Partners:  Courtyard Suites package or Lamb’s Victorian Inn

The InConcert Sierra orchestra is comprised of local and regional high-caliber professional musicians.  This concert of Orchestral Favorites chosen by our audience members is one that everyone enjoys.

With your help, InConcert is proud to be able to hire incredible instrumentalists and still offer this concert as a benefit to kick off our season.


“ICS goes to the Symphony” Program:

Symphony No. 29: Mvt. 1 (Allegro moderato) – Mozart

Symphony No. 6: Mvt. 1 (Allegro ma non troppo) – Beethoven

Symphony No. 2: Mvt. 2 (Allegro molto) – Rachmaninoff

Symphony No. 5: Mvt. 4 (Adagietto) – Mahler


Fugue in D minor, Op. 16 – McShane

Symphony No. 1 (Classical): Mvt. 2 (Larghetto) and Mvt. 3 (Gavotte) – Prokofiev

Symphony No. 2 (La Reine): Mvt. 1 (Adagio – Vivace) – Haydn

Symphony No. 3: Mvt. 3 (Scherzo) – Bruckner

Help us orchestrate our 2017-18 season!


Please note:
• InConcert Sierra hires local and regional professional musicians for our orchestral performances.
• We pay our musicians on a scale comparable to other professional music organizations.
• The bios of these exceptional musicians are pretty darn amazing and we appreciate your support to help us bring them to our stage!



Richard Altenbach, Concertmaster — sponsored by Leo & Gayle Granucci

Nancy Hill — sponsored by Jan Berger

Mutsuko Tatman — sponsored by Vince & Saundra Mutascio

Timea Pedersen – sponsored by Corrie Upham

Peiyun Lee — sponsored by Marion Culhane

Andy Tan —sponsored by Hindi Greenberg



Kristen Autry, principal — sponsored by George & Claudette Paige

Rose-May Mickelson — sponsored by Susan & Rod Fivelstad

Sandro Ladu — sponsored by Vida & Frank Santos

Emma McAllister — sponsored by Richard & Marianne Leader

Amanda Lostritto — sponsored by Shirley Freiks

Jina Park — sponsored by David Priest, MD



David Thorp, principal — sponsored by Binns & Michele Melander

Shawn Prudhomme — sponsored by Mervin & Pat Baker

Nancy Ewing — sponsored by Dale & Kari Miller

Nancy Roby– sponsored by Jim & Janice O’Brien



Jia-mo Chen, principal — sponsored by Jerry Grant & Corinne Gelfan

George Weis — sponsored by Dick & Ann Mentzer

Alexandra Roedder — sponsored by Ken Getz & Peter Mason

Charlotte Reese  — sponsored by Lorraine Plagge



Stephen Rice, principal —sponsored by Denis & Barbara Drew

Bryce Holmes — sponsored by Sean & Margaret Metroka



Kirsti Powell, principal — sponsored by George & Jeanne Scarmon

Darin Tidwell  — sponsored by the Honorable Richard Gordon

Shannon Devir (+piccolo) — sponsored by John & Carolyn Valle



Neil Tatman, principal — sponsored by Deedee Ruxton

Laura Harrington — sponsored by Mac Small & Mel Walsh

Murray Campbell (+Eng. horn) —  sponsored by Art & Susan Duey



Elizabeth McAllister, principal — sponsored by Aileen James

Karen Stenger — sponsored by Greg and Tory Ouligian



Randy McKean — sponsored by Steve Nicholson & Mimi Vishoot



Dave Riddles, principal — sponsored by Bev Riddle

David A. Wells — sponsored by Eric Nefstead



Cara Jones, principal — sponsored by Drs. Linda & Irv Baran

Matthew Reynolds — sponsored by Dave & Marilyn Hardin

Angelina Mejia, assistant principal/3rd horn — sponsored by John & Valarie Bush

Catherine Danette – sponsored by Fred Hall



Michael Meeks, principal — sponsored by Keith & Shirley Porter

Ken Olson — sponsored by Richard & Nancy McRay

John Frantz — sponsored by Richard & Nancy McRay



Steven Thompson, principal – sponsored by Joan & Lance Goddard

Lloyd Roby — sponsored by Rafael Diaz



Jeff Reynolds — sponsored by Lenore and Roland Teuber



Tom Rance, principal — sponsored by Bonnie and Barry Howard

Ryan Goodpastor — sponsored by Peter Mason & Ken Getz 

Steve Kaiser — sponsored by Monroe Lovelady & Rik Augustin

Cathy Collings — sponsored by Charles Lindquist 



Sage Po, principal — sponsored by Don & Barbara Scoble