Mar 14 – Poetry in Song (2021)


Composers Project with Mark Vance

Sunday, March 14 at 2pm

Semester 1: Poetry in Song

“Poetry in Song” will premiere 11 new compositions that feature a poem or text that is set to music for voice and one instrument. All pieces are written by Composer Project students, ages 12-18.  Program below.

Students: Baraka Anderson, Ari Cook, Kieran Dickson, Jaxon English, Eva Floyd, Athena Giuliani, Nikita Khryapin, Levi Krautkramer, Noah Prescott, Jamie Thomas-Rose, Kate Thoreson

Vance tasked the students to select a poem, decipher it, research the author and internalize the piece to help them discover the musical structure that the teens deem appropriate.

Their finished works will be performed by accomplished local singers :

Christi Colombo, Robbie Merchant, Sara Noah Erin Thomas-Rose, Jordan Thomas-Rose, Stan Thomas-Rose and Julie Tillinghast

Professional local or regional musicians:

Ken Hardin and Lynn Schugren, piano; Sage Po, harp; and Kristen Autry, viola

Filmed in the beautiful stone hall at Miners Foundry by videographers Larry Huntington and Mark Triolo.
Photography by Craig Silberman
Thank you to Tom and Annabel Straus for making this season’s Composers Project happen!

View on InConcert’s YouTube Channel


Kieran Dickson, composer

Ghost House, poem by Robert Frost

Jordan Thomas-Rose, vocals • Sage Po, harp

Athena Giuliani, composer

Annabel Lee, poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Stan Thomas-Rose, vocals • Ken Hardin, piano

Ari Cook, composer

Where the Sidewalk Ends, poem by Shel Silverstein

Sara Noah, vocals • Lynn Schugren, piano

Levi Krautktamer, composer

The Butterfly, poem by Heather Adamkiewicz,

Julie Tillingast, vocals • Sage Po, harp

Jamie Thomas-Rose, composer

The Perception of Truth, poem by Anita Atina,

Robbie Merchant, vocals • Lynn Schugren, piano

Jaxon English, composer (pictured above)

Don’t Quit, poem by Edgar Albert Guest

Erin Thomas-Rose, vocals • Kristen Autry, viola

Eva Floyd, composer

What Kind of Times Are These, poem by Adrienne Rich

Sara Noah, vocals • Ken Hardin, piano

Baraka Anderson, composer

The New Colossus, poem by Emma Lazarus

Christi Colombo, vocals • Lynn Schugren, piano

Nikita Khryapin, composer

The Conqueror Worm, poem by Edgar Allan Poe,

Jordan Thomas-Rose, vocals • Ken Hardin, piano

Kate Hershberger, composer

The Wall, poem by Laura Kasischke,

Christi Colombo, vocals •  Sage Po, harp

Noah Prescott, composer

I Sleep in My Inkwell and Wave to the Distant, poem by Zakia el-Marmouke (translation Jennifer Jean and Amir Al-Azraki)

Robbie Merchant, vocals • Lynn Schugren, piano



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