Sierra Community Music Student Showcase – Nov 10


Sunday, November 10, 2019 • 3pm

St. Joseph’s Cultural Center, 410 So. Church St. Grass Valley









Pictured:  1)  Sophia Nichols on harp   2) Forrest Gulick on violin  3) Baraka Anderson on piano

InConcert Sierra’s new recitals program will give youth and adults an opportunity to perform for an audience and develop performance skills.

$10 admission tickets (youth 18 and under are free)



also available at the door on the day of the recital, or at BriarPatch Food Co-op


You’re attendance is invaluable!

Starting to perform at a young age can help the student gain valuable experience. It’s not always easy for someone to perform in front of an audience, but the more practice they get at it, the easier it will become.

During a recital there is typically a range of skill levels, from beginner to advanced. When less experienced students are able to watch more advanced students it gives them inspiration and new goals to work towards.

When the performance is complete and fears are diminished, then joy overcomes the students and the smiles erupt.  The supporters in the audience exude pride in the student’s completed work, and we all recall this feeling. This feeling of pride and accomplishment is a key motivator to help them continue on this journey. Their self-esteem is given a boost and they will most likely continue their musical pursuits because of these experiences.


Program – Sunday, November 10, 2019 – St. Joseph’s Hall

Owl at Night                                                                                                    W. Gillock

Gazelle Prancing                                                                                             J. George

 Ben Starr, piano


Long, Long Ago                                                                                               T. H. Bayly

Emma Boland, violin


Harmony of the Angels                                                                                   F. Burgmuller

Thuy Vy Tran, piano


Etude                                                                                                               S. Suzuki

Forrest Gulick, violin


Sonatina in C Major                                                                                        F. Kuhlau

Malachi Ludlum, piano


An die Musik                                                                                                   F. Schubert

Isabella Caddy, soprano voice


Prelude, Op. 28 No. 15                                                                                   F. Chopin

Eva Floyd, piano


Gymnopedie No. 1                                                                                          E. Satie

Artic Wolfe, vibraphone


from “Kinderscenen”:

Perfect Happiness, Frightening, Important Event                                          R. Schumann

Baraka Anderson, piano


Nocturne in E minor                                                                                       F. Chopin

Nikita Kryapnin, piano


O del mio dolce ardor                                                                                     C. Gluck

 Ali McDaniel, soprano voice


Automne                                                                                                         C. Chaminade

Emelia Fiess, piano


Studios represented:  Kit Bailey, vibraphone; Dorla Menmuir, voice; Zorana Flores, piano; Zoe Schlussel, violin; Lynn Schugren, piano; Julia Takeoka,piano; Joan Tumilty, piano