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Sunday, March 17 at 2pm 


Ken Getz made a difference
in our community's art and culture scene.


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Join the effort to dedicate the “black box” theater that will be built as part of InConcert Sierra’s new performing arts and events complex in memory of

Ken Getz. 

The Crown Point Events Complex
raising the roof.

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The progress of construction evolves week by week! If you haven’t been on a tour, or haven’t toured for some time, you will be astounded.

Tours are scheduled on Saturdays.

We encourage service clubs, businesses, and organizations to sign up for a group tour, and we realize special date/time accommodations may be needed.

Sunday, April 21st

April Frissonette Quintet.jpg

In March 2023 we met Frisson, whose performance nearly lit up the entire Sierra Nevada. We will experience a smaller grouping of both quartets and quintets from Frisson – each of them recent graduates from the top music conservatories in the nation. Frisson means a phenomenon of chills or goosebumps that comes from music, a shiver, a thrill. That is guaranteed with this ensemble!

Be a volunteer!

Paper Cut Heart

We could not do what we do without our dedicated group of volunteers!

Find out how you can be a part of the InConcert Sierra family.  Help us bring world-class music to this community while enjoying being a part of a warm and inclusive environment.

Have you heard?
We're building a Concert Hall!

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