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Have you always wanted to write music? 

Our adult composition class showcased their pieces at an extraordinary concert on March 16th. Watch it here:

In InConcert Sierra's 12-week Adult Composition Course, students will develop the skills necessary to speak the language of music in their own creative voice.


This will be done through exercises, analysis of musical works, and sharing pieces-in-progress with classmates. Most of the work will be done at home between lessons, so allow for this time commitment, ideally a minimum of an hour a day. The original student compositions will be performed at the final concert.


The course consists of 9 bi-weekly group classes and 12 private lessons. The classes will be co-taught by composers Alexis Alrich and Mark Vance.

Prerequisites: students should be able to read music notation at a basic level or better and have some facility on an instrument. Access to a keyboard is suggested. Bring original music or ideas to share at the first class meeting.

Curriculum includes: composing, motives, melodies, music theory, harmony, chords, solfege, sight singing, rhythm, time signatures, keys, modes, diatonic, chromatic, notation, form and analysis, musicianship, listening, music history, instrument families, mapping and planning your composition, developing a theme, extending a phrase and rehearsal opportunities/techniques.

We're hoping to offer this class again soon!

Questions? Please contact Mark Vance, InConcert Sierra Education Director at (530) 273-3990

or email Mark at

Thank you, SmarterBroadband, for sponsoring our Education programs!

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