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Advertise in our program!

Our programs are printed per concert with unique information for each performance.  As you can see in the photo, the audience reads their programs thoroughly and even takes them home! 

We often have patrons call after a concert because they forgot their program and asked for one to be mailed to them.  A pre-covid  survey found that over 50% use the services of advertisers after seeing them in our program! 

Programs are printed in black and white with ads on every other page.

Prices for the season below...

2023-24 Program Ad Rates

Full Page

NEW - $1400

RENEWAL - $1200


6"wide x 7.5" high

1/4 Page 

NEW - $375

RENEWAL - $325


3"wide x 3.75" high  ~or~ 6"wide x 1.85" high

1/2 Page 

NEW - $725

RENEWAL - $625


3"wide x 7.75" high  ~or~ 6"wide x 3.75" high

Business Card 

NEW - $200

RENEWAL - $175


3"wide x 1.85" high

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