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Submit this form if you are paying by credit card.

Student Information:

Do you have access to a computer
Do you have acces to the notation software FINALE? (not required)

Music Experience:

Have you taken Mark Vance's composition courses previously?
Have you studied composition with anyone other than Mark Vance previously? If yes, please attach copy (not original) of your composition.
Attach your composition (pdf)
Have you done any arranging?

Parent Information:

Parental or Guardian consent is mandatory (for students under age 18)
Parent's will be asked to sign a consent form upon orientation.

Music Instructor Information:

Contact information for one music instructor
We'd like to get feedback from a current or most recent instructor that you are working with or have worked with. Please provide us with a name, email, and/or phone number.

Payment Information:

Tuition Fees:

Thank you for applying! We'll be in touch soon.

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