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Our pre-concert forums offer an illuminating glimpse into the music—these brief sessions last a mere 20 minutes.
Would you like a more immersive experience?

Enjoy an in-depth conversation about Frissonette’s April “Third Sunday” concert program with composer and musicologist Alexis Alrich. 

The session will provide an exploration of the music to be performed, delve into historical context, offer a composer’s analytical perspective, and more.

One attendee of the February Concert Conversation said, “Attending the Concert Conversation gave me a new perspective of the February concert program and allowed me to connect with the music on a deeper level.”

Join Alexis at the InConcert Sierra office for a late afternoon connection on
Friday, April 19 at 4-30pm-6pm.

Admission is $20.

Click here to sign up.


Thank you, SmarterBroadband, for sponsoring our Education programs!

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