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A message to the InConcert Sierra family of music lovers and supporters regarding COVID and our upcoming concert season.

Until further notice:

There has been a resurgence of Covid.  For public health and safety at ICS concerts and events, please follow the guidelines below:


  • If you are experiencing symptoms associated with Covid 19 (fever, headache, loss of taste/smell, sore throat, cough, muscle/joint aches, shortness of breath, etc.) please do not attend an ICS concert or event. We will gladly exchange your ticket for a subsequent event if you are ill.

  • If a close family member has symptoms or has tested positive, and you do not have symptoms, please mask when attending indoor concerts or events.

  • If you have been traveling with increased exposure, please wear a mask for 5 days after returning if you are attending indoor concerts or events.

  • If you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive (with/without symptoms) please wear a mask at any ICS concert or event.

  • Of course, please feel free to wear a mask at any time for your own comfort.

Please note: High quality masks, such as N95, are especially important for indoor gatherings. We will supply masks to those who need them at our events.







We will track Nevada County Covid rates and follow all local government and CDC guidelines. We will post any changes to these guidelines.


Thank you.

InConcert Sierra Board of Directors and Staff

August, 2023

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