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InConcert Sierra Orchestra

Ken Hardin, conductor

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Doors open at 1:00pm

2023 ICS Orchestra

The InConcert Sierra Orchestra of professional local and regional musicians is always a highlight. This season's opening concert will have a few surprises too!


Eclogue for Pianoforte and String Orchestra (~1940)                    Gerald Finzi (1901 - 1956)

   Lynn Schugren, piano

Overture: Il Signor Bruschino (1813)                                  Gioachino Rossini (1792 - 1868)

Salut d'Amour (1888)                                                           Edward Elgar (1857 - 1934)

Sierra Rhapsody (2020)                                                         Alexis Alrich (local composer)

   Lynn Schugren, piano


~Intermission ~


Symphony #40 in G Minor, K.550 (1788)                    Wolfgang A. Mozart (1756 - 1791) 

1. Allegro molto  2. Andante 3. Menuetto 4. Allegro assai

Our musicians are absolutely instrumental to InConcert Sierra!
Thank you for supporting our stellar ICS orchestra and
helping to launch us into our 2023-2024 season!

Jolán Friedhoff, concertmaster

  Sponsored by Monroe Lovelady & 

          Rik Augustin


Emma McAllister, principal

  Sponsored by Bob Berman & 

      Jane Ginsburg

Anita Felix

  Sponsored by Michael Selby &

          Noora Zomerland

Catherine Heusner

  Sponsored by Peggy & John Brewer
Susan Doering

  Sponsored by Don & Barbara Scoble
Jina Chen
  Sponsored by Tom Kunicki &

            Diane Nugent

Helen Graham, principal

  Sponsored by Lance & Joan Goddard

Paolo Reyes

  Sponsored by Tom Kunicki &

            Diane Nugent

Susan Denny 

  Sponsored by Tom Kunicki &

            Diane Nugent

Amy Lindsey 

  Sponsored by Jim Bair

Zoe Schlussel

  Sponsored by Diane Robertson
Zachary Zumstein

  Sponsored by Hindi Greenberg

Connie Kupka, principal

  Sponsored by Anonymous
Randy Fisher

  Sponsored by John Reves &

      Robin Laverty-Reves

Dan Kristianson

  Sponsored by Tom Kunicki &

            Diane Nugent

Rose-May Mickelson 

  Sponsored by Rod & Susan Fivelstad

David Speltz, principal

  Sponsored by Anonymous
Jia-mo Chen

  Sponsored by Keith & Carole Yettick
Alexandra Roedder

  Sponsored by John Wilson &

     Susie Monary-Wilson
Daniel Wilder 

  Sponsored by Carole Raisbeck &                  Gordon Steindorf 

Stephen Rice, principal

  Sponsored by Denis & Barbara Drew
Bryce Holmes

  Sponsored by Tom Kunicki &

            Diane Nugent

Kirsti Powell, principal

  Sponsored by Rafael Diaz

Murray Campbell, principal

  Sponsored by Leo & Gayle Granucci

Ann Shisko

  Sponsored by Leo & Gayle Granucci

Elizabeth McAllister, principal

  Sponsored by Bev Riddle
Karen Stenger

  Sponsored by Jerry Grant &

     Corinne Gelfan

Michelle Keem, principal

  Sponsored by - Lisbeth Noel
Jay Benson

  Sponsored by Lorraine Plagge

Cara Jones, principal 

 Sponsored by Frank & Vida Santos 
Angelina Mejia

  Sponsored by Keith & Shirley Porter

Steve Roach, principal

 Sponsored by Shirley Freriks 

    in honor of Roger Freriks who loved  the

         trumpet and OSU marching band.


Stephen Thompson, principal

  Sponsored by Ann Mentzer

Thomas Rance, principal

  Sponsored by Barry & Bonnie Howard

PIANO (guest artist)

Lynn Schugren, principal

  Sponsored by Joann Ryan


Alexis Alrich

  Sponsored by Classics DeClassified


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