Student Recitals for Ages 6-18

This showcase is part of InConcert Sierra's "Bach to the Future" Education Program. 

InConcert Sierra recognizes the importance of music education, and how beneficial performance opportunities are for students learning new repertoire.

InConcert Sierra’s recitals program gives students an opportunity to perform for an audience (live and online) and develop performance skills – creating well-rounded musicians. 

Previous showcases:

Sunday, May 1, 2022:

Ben, piano, age 10

Arabesque by Friedrich Burgmüller

Teacher – Lynn Schugren


Loula, fiddle, age 12

Salt Spring by John Reischman

Teacher – Zoe Schlussel


Kate, cello, age 13

Gigue from Suite No. 3 in C Major

by J.S. Bach

Teacher – Jia-Mo Chen


Arthur, piano, age 9

Minuet in G Major, BMV Anhang 116 by J.S. Bach

Teacher – Lynn Schugren


Theo, piano, age 10

Minuet by Bach

Teacher – Lynn Schugren


Baraka, piano, age 15

Midsummer Nocturne by Aaron Copland

Teacher – Lynn Schugren


Myla, cello, age 12

Minuet No. 3 by J.S. Bach

Teacher – Tom Micic

Eliza, piano, age 17

Etude in f minor, Op. 10 No. 9 by F. Chopin

Teacher – Dr. Lorna Peters

Sunday, November 28, 2021:


Kayla, piano, age 17

Phantasietanz, Op. 124, No. 5 by Robert Schumann

Teacher: Lynn Schugren


Ethan, cello, age 13

The Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns

Teacher: Jia-mo Chen


Nell, violin, age 14

Concerto for Two Violins, movt. 1 by J.S. Bach

Teacher: Zoe Schlussel


Moriah, piano, age 16

Water Lilies by Catherine Rollin

Teacher: Joan Tumilty


Mya, cello, age 15

Arioso by J.S. Bach

Teacher: Alexandra Roedder


Baraka, piano, age 14

La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin by Claude Debussy

Teacher: Lynn Schugren

Sunday, November 14, 2021:


Arthur and Theo, piano duet, ages 8 and 10

On our Way & Central Park Ride – Robert Vandall

Teacher: Lynn Schugren


Noah, cello, age 8

Largo & Allegro from Sonata in G minor – Henry Eccles

Teacher: Jia-mo Chen


Sophie, piano, age 11

Mona Lisa – Catherine Rollin

Teacher: Joan Tumilty


Zoe, violin, age 14

And That’s OK – Chris Stone

Farewell to Miltown – Junior Crehan

Teacher: Zoe Schlussel


Ari, piano, age 13

Waltz in A Minor – Frédéric Chopin

Teacher: Lynn Schugren


Kate, cello, age 7

Malagueña – Isaac Albéniz

Teacher: Jia-mo Chen


Sawyer, violin, age 13

The Two Grenadiers – Robert Schumann

Teacher: Zoe Schlussel


Thanks to the students, parents, and teachers for the dedication and work in preparing and recording the perfomances. Many thanks to Video Editor Dick Mentzer for the countless hours spent creating and editing!

When performing recitals virtually, students perform from their homes. This virtual platform gives the student the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments while providing new technological learning opportunities. 


Videographer Dick Mentzer prepared the instructions below for performers and parents to refer to while recording the performance:

The parents or performer needs to be able to:

• shoot video using a video camera, phone or tablet (using the back highest resolution camera)
• set up the camera, phone (horizontal) or tablet on a tripod or clamp to a stable stand so as to be able to position and frame the shot
• light and stage the performer so there isn’t bright backlight or lots of background distractions
• if using the microphone on the camera, position the camera (phone) close to the performer for the best sound
• frame the the performer to fill the picture (full body shot with just a little head room)
• record the video and review it for quality of performance, picture and sound (shoot until you have best performance)
• upload the best performance video file to YouTube or Vimeo
• send the URL address where video is located to Mark Vance:

If you have questions about setup contact Dick Mentzer:



Be sure to look into the camera and speak up. Don’t be concerned about dead space or mistakes as the video will be edited.

Introduce the performance:
• state your name, age and how long you've been a music student
• introduce the piece to be performed

After the performance:
• let us know why you chose the piece and how it was to perform it
• speak about your musical ambition and goals
• thank your teacher, supporters and ICS
• share how you feel about performing over the Internet

Dick Mentzer will edit the videos into a recital program.

Enjoy! And thank you for taking part in this adventure.