Five dedicated young musicians present a 34-minute program showcasing

their passion for music, inspiring the support music education!

Recital 3 on Sunday, June 6 at 2pm:


Owen, ​age ​13, cello

La Foi (The Faith), Op. 95, No. 1​ – ​Georg Goltermann

Teacher: Jia-mo Chen


Zoe, age 14, violin

Concerto in A minor, Op. 3, No. 6, Mov. 1 – Antonio Vivaldi

Teacher: Jina Chen


Alex, age 13 cello

Etude-Caprice, Op. 54, No. 4 – Georg Goltermann

Teacher: Jia-mo Chen


Athena, age 15, violin

Violin Sonata in G minor, Mov. 1 and Mov. 2 – Giuseppe Tartini

Teacher: Nancy Hill


Eliza, age 16, viola

Viola Sonata in F minor, Op. 120 – Johannes Brahms

Teacher: Victoria Klyushnik

Students submitted their recital to video specialist Dick Mentzer, who then compiled and edited for this final presentation.


Many thanks to Dick, Mark Vance (ICS Education Director), teachers,

and all of the parents.


Virtual Student Recitals for Ages 6-18

Students of all ages and learning levels perform from their homes.

InConcert Sierra’s recitals program gives students an opportunity to perform for an audience (live and online) and develop performance skills – creating well-rounded musicians. 


We had our first set of recitals in May 2020 and the kids really enjoyed having their videos viewed and commented on by ICS patrons, as well as their own friends and family.  During this time of uncertainty, it gives the students something to work toward and enjoy the satisfaction of competing.

This virtual platform gives the student the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments while providing new technological learning opportunities.