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Student Showcase (Spring 2023)

This event has been postponed. We will contact you with additional information as it becomes available.

Concert dress: required
Memorization of piece: not required
Please supply accompanist and page turner if needed.

We request that students go through their teachers to apply for the showcase.

Teachers, please fill out and submit the form below for students you wish to perform in the Showcase.

The application fee is $15 per student. **


Teacher Information:

Student Information:

Parent Information:

The parents or guardian of the student  will be contacted by InConcert Sierra to request permission to authorize InConcert Sierra to broadcast the video and audio recording of the student's performance on the internet and to use the video and/or still photo shots for InConcert's marketing purposes.

Payment Information:

There is a $15 application submission fee.

** Why is there an application submission fee?
ICS will commit to the cost of a venue, piano tuning, insurance, staff time, and a variety of other charges and fees that are incurred to create this exceptional performing and learning opportunity. The fee also gives each student a stronger impetus to follow through on their commitment to prepare and perform. There will be a small admission fee for the general public to also help defray costs.

Thank you!

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