• The 2020-21 season

    From Artistic Director Ken Hardin: Our 2020-21 season is currently on hold.  From September – December, we will stream Third Sunday concerts from recent years to keep you entertained virtually. We will also continue to post video clips on our YouTube channel of past performances. I will look forward to seeing you LIVE and in person as soon as possible!  Learn more

  • Oct 11 – Sierra Prelude Project Premiere

    Enjoy the virtual premiere of pianist Lynn Schugren’s Sierra Prelude Project.  The project, four years in the making, consists of 12 piano preludes commissioned by and performed by Schugren, and composed by 10 local and regional composers…read more

  • Virtual Student Recital Showcases

    To inspire continued education during this time, we created our online ‘virtual student showcases’ for ages 6-18.  Twenty-one students performed in our first set of showcases.  Click here for more information and to view their performances…

  • Sign up for the 2020-21 Composers Project today!

    Noted educator Mark Vance teaches a 9-month comprehensive course for youth ages 12-25 that provides a sophisticated music curriculum with a holistic approach to writing music – from finding an inspired concept to creating  compositions to be performed by professional musicians …  Read more

  • Composers Project – Covid 19 update

    A fantastic two days took place in July! Thirteen new compositions were brought to life in Miners Foundry’s Stone Hall by 13 Composer students, 18 musicians2 videographers and REAMS of musical scores/parts … Click for more info