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InConcert is dedicated to encouraging the imagination of young minds through music.

Each springtime, InConcert presents a complimentary concert for third-grade students county-wide!  Presented by professional and renowned musicians, the concerts are 45-minutes full of fun information and great music. Our docents meet with classrooms prior to the concerts to discuss the music they will hear and prepare them for the experience.


This season our "Just for You" third-grade concert is featuring Fandango on March 18, 2024!

Fandango! on stage_edited_edited.jpg

If you are a Nevada County teacher or parent and wish to have your students participate, please contact us!

Call:  530-273-3990


“Thank you for providing this amazing opportunity to our students,” said Shelly Andersen, third-grade teacher at Union Hill School. “They always walk away with a greater appreciation and understanding of music. My students were mesmerized by the performers on Monday.”

3rd Grade Concert.jpg

Always engaging, each year we present a different artist for an exciting new lesson!

The giggles and chatter of hundreds of eager third graders from around western Nevada County vibrated around the room shortly before the WindSync Quintet (2019) took the stage.

From the first note out of the wood wind ensemble, the students’ attention was focused on the five musicians on stage in front of them

The week before the concerts, volunteer docents go in to meet with students in their classrooms, discuss the music they will hear and prepare the kids for the experience, including hearing a selection of songs recorded by WindSync. Then students attended a 45-minute performance Monday, including a question and answer period.

WindSync Performance.jpg

“InConcert is dedicated to encouraging the imagination of young minds through music and WindSync did a great job doing just that,” said Artistic Director Ken Hardin. “Their arrangement of Peter and the Wolf brought the famous fable to life on the stage.” 

Thank you, SmarterBroadband, for sponsoring our Education programs!

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