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Thanks to the generosity of donors in our community,
InConcert Sierra has designated funds to assist youth in
Nevada County in pursuing their musical passion.

InConcert Sierra's  Music Matters Youth Grant offers assistance to promising young Nevada County musicians who show a passion for, and dedication to, their chosen musical endeavors, but may lack the necessary financial means or access to pursue either lessons, an instrument, music camps, etc.

Grants may be awarded to those students, ages 12-22, who meet the criteria below and successfully pass a selection process.

Guidelines for grant applicants:

• Students must apply through the online application process (see link to Students Form below).

• Applications from a student must be accompanied by a recommendation from a music instructor (see link to Teachers Form below).

• Grants will be based on a demonstrated passion for and an interest in learning music, as well as financial need.

• Applicants will be screened by the Education Committee.

• Grants will be considered throughout the year, as applications are received.

• Funds may be used for acquiring an instrument, music lessons, music camps or schools, or other related needs.

• Must be a Nevada County resident, or have graduated from a Nevada County high school and are pursuing a degree in music.

Note: Grant awards will most often be paid directly to a vendor (music store, music camp, teacher for private lessons, etc…)

Students can access the online application here:

Teachers can access the online application here:

Thank you, SmarterBroadband, for sponsoring our Education programs!

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