An update on InConcert during COVID-19

We’ve been receiving thoughtful questions about how InConcert Sierra is doing during this first month of the COVID-19 shelter-in-place situation.

First, our board and staff are staying busy and tasked with figuring out how to navigate this new landscape.  With so many concert and event cancellations, the office is busy methodically reaching out to patrons.  We’ve just started our next round of communications regarding our April concert cancellations, so if you’re a ticket holder, please be sure to reply to the email or click here.

Unfortunately, due to the shelter-in-place order, the Sierra Master Chorale rehearsals were brought to a halt.  Therefore, due to the lack of time to prepare, we will also be cancelling those performances. We will be sending emails to those ticket holders shortly to offer ticket options (donate, exchange, refund.) It has been most efficient for the office to handle these cancellations on a concert by concert basis.

Like many of you, we have been having lots of online “ZOOM” meetings; Educational Director Mark Vance has been continuing “ZOOM” classes with his composer students; and we are having many conversations with musicians, videographers, and committee members about how we can best showcase the student composers’ efforts, as well as “virtually” continue our robust educational programming.

Secondly, our patrons and musicians have been understanding about the necessary cancellations (see some comments below).  A special thank you to those who donated previously purchased tickets to ease our financial burden.

Believe it or not, I am continuing to plan our 2021-22 season, as I had been doing prior to this situation.  I just won’t actually commit until we have more information about the future. That being said, I did previously commit and contract our next season (2020-21), and I’ll be sending you the line-up and some listening links shortly.

Financially, InConcert Sierra is fortunate to have a sustainability fund and are hopeful that between the fund, continued support from our patrons, frugality in operations, as well as seeking government aid, we will be able to weather this time and continue our next ‘amazing’ season as planned.

pictured below:  Mark Vance’s Composer Students working diligently!







Everyone was present for our Thursday April 2, 2020 ZOOM board meeting!







Stay well and healthy – we have planned a lot of great music to enjoy together!

Ken Hardin, artistic director


Comments from our orchestra musicians

“I did expect this. I’m so sorry, I know it was a difficult decision. I will miss making music with this wonderful group of people, but look
forward to future concerts!! Please stay safe and well! I look forward
to seeing you all at the other end of this horrible situation!
All my very best!” – E.M.

“Thanks for your message. It is definitely disappointing to miss out on
so much great music that was planned for this spring. Keep me
posted and let me know if you’d like me to play for something
in the following season. Take care.” – L.H.

Comments from ICS ticket holders

“InConcert Sierra concerts are the best! Looking forward to future concerts after the present craziness has subsided.” – J.S.

“The concerts this season have been so good… I would love to hear
this concert if it is rescheduled. Looking forward to many more great concerts once this virus scare is settled. – L.R.




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