Julie Hardin, executive director

Executive Director, InConcert Sierra

“Bringing a little brown seed of an idea to a gorgeous flower in full bloom.”

“InConcert Sierra stimulates, educates, and brings community together with intimate quality musical experiences that leave the audience with a smile and the desire to seek out live performance, which is integral to our society.”

~Julie Hardin

Growing up in Southern California, Julie was inspired to learn more about the arts by her parents and grandparents, who took her to Los Angeles to experience cultural events.  She recalls her parents having season tickets to the Ahmanson Theatre and treasures the memories of dressing up and going to the theatre.  Her grandparents also dressed her in fine clothes and took her to cultural events like the symphony, the ballet, and the horse races!

Julie feels privileged to have experiences with her family that were days filled with magic, music, bright lights, and emotion.  Little did she know she would grow up to be part of an organization that brings that same magic to a community that embraces the arts.

A diverse background in wholesale customer service, restaurant, and non-profit management has brought Julie a wealth of experience that she now brings to InConcert Sierra.

Additionally, Julie’s education and background in communications, marketing and public relations has helped her greatly with many aspects of being the executive director for InConcert Sierra.  Coincidentally, she is married to InConcert Sierra’s artistic director who brought her into his world of classical music.

Julie enjoys singing in the Sierra Master Chorale, and loves to be one of those behind the scenes…bringing a little seed of an idea to a gorgeous flower in bloom. She is very proud of InConcert Sierra, which certainly is in brilliant full bloom.