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Venue Manager, Crown Point Events Complex

InConcert Sierra (ICS) is a non-profit classical music presenter based in Grass Valley California. For the past 15 years, ICS has been holding its performances in a local church. ICS recently began constructing its own performing arts complex at 125 Crown Point Court in Grass Valley. This complex, expected to become operational in October 2024, will have a 500+ seat performing arts concert hall, a 100+ seat black box theater, a small conference center, and parking for over 200 vehicles. ICS is now ready to hire a Venue Manager to oversee the operations of the performing arts complex.

Resumes without a cover letter will not be considered.

The Venue Manager, a full-time salaried position, is a high-level leadership position that works closely with the Executive Director, the Artistic Director, and the Board of Directors. The Venue Manager reports directly to the Executive Director. In the future, the Venue Manager may have several direct reports including a Facility Manager, Box Office Manager, and Stage Manager.

The Venue Manager will be responsible for a variety of functions including overall management of the venue, facility rental activities, and interactions with third-party contractors, vendors, local officials, and outside parties.

Ideal candidates will have:

· Strong organizational and managerial skills

· Minimum of 5 years of experience in handling a wide range of general managerial duties

· 3+ years of experience as an Assistant Manager in a professional music or theater venue

· Must be a US Citizen

· This position is considered full-time and on-site. The candidate must live within a reasonable commute time to Grass Valley

· Education: Minimum requirement - GED/High School Diploma. A College BA or higher degree in events management, hospitality, or related field is desirable

· Ability to lead a team and work proactively

· Familiarity with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

· Familiarity with Microsoft Office software programs

· General knowledge of facility risk management and safety procedures

· Ability to work flexible hours (evenings and weekends as needed to support events)

This position has physical requirements that include being able to:

· Climb a ladder to access the roof

· Carry items up to 50lbs

· Move furniture and equipment as needed to support events

· Move quickly throughout the spacious facility (inside and out) to respond to events as they unfold

General Responsibilities

The Venue Manager’s general responsibilities include:

· Programming Management

· Financial Management

· Operational and Facilities Management

· In cooperation with the Artistic Director, Executive Director, and Director of Marketing coordinate a marketing plan for all productions.

· Review all tech riders and advise feasibility and financial commitment.

· Execute and manage all contracts in all areas relating to production and bookings.

· Provide administrative liaison for managers of technical and design realization on all productions, booked presentations, education, and rentals.

· Coordinate schedules and personnel requirements for all performances.

· Coordinate all calendars (Mainstage, off-season bookings, rentals, and events).

· Oversee recruitment, hiring, and contracting of all staff including interns.

· Draft, administer, and/or execute other special contracts in cooperation with the Executive Director.

Financial Management

All financial functions are pursued in collaboration with the Executive Director.

· Develop an annual operating budget for Board approval as a key planning and management tool. Oversee management of the organizational budget to ensure prudent spending and allocation.

· Supervise the preparation of accurate and timely financial reports per Board needs, including monthly statements showing budget-to-actual income and expense and Year-to-date balance sheets.

· Provide departmental and overall cash flow management, projections, and regular monitoring in collaboration with department heads and the Executive Director.

· Supervise tracking and payment of payroll, accounts payable, taxes, and fees every week.

· Manage insurance and legal affairs in collaboration with department heads and the Executive Director

· Secure safe storage of all core documents, e.g. Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, tax exemption documents, and insurance policies. Prepare year-end reports to satisfy government, management, and Board needs.

Operational and Facilities Management

· Supervise management and operations of front of the house, box office, volunteers, house management, bartenders, custodial, maintenance, and repair contractors.

· Manage operations and inventory of the lobby bar.

· Act as liaison between the administrative and the production staff to ensure open communication and seamless coordination between the two.

· Determine and maintain day-to-day maintenance of all facilities.

· Liaise with the Fire Marshall regarding safety codes and required upgrades and create and implement evacuation plans. Maintain safety logs if required.

· Troubleshoot all facility problems such as plumbing, electrical, etc.

· Contract outside vendors/repair contractors as needed.

· Determine and then, with AD/ED approval, oversee maintenance projects (painting, houselights, shop renovations, building renovations, etc.). All must be presented to AD/ED for sign-off before implementation (except for urgent repairs such as water, heating issues, safety issues, etc. which are deemed to be immediate).

· Serve as Safety Director and maintain safety documents, including annual review and sign-off sheets from all ICS staff.

· Organize crews and assist in pre-season approved maintenance and projects.

· Ensure that all necessary permits for the facilities are obtained and up to date including the liquor license.

· Manage budget lines for maintenance.


· Annual Salary Range - $68,500 to $75,000

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